Third Party Optimizer

Elegantly optimize third party assets with our advanced optimization techniques and be more in control of the performance of your third party assets.

Problems with Third Party Servers
Single Point of Failure
If CSS, fonts and JS loaded from third party servers fail to load, it can prevent your entire website from loading or even showing any content to the user depending on how the asset is loaded
Improper Asset Optimisation
Third parties may not been optimising their assets the same way you are. Lot of third party servers don’t minify their JS, CSS, send the correct caching headers and so on. They may not be using a CDN which is closest to your users.
Increased Setup
For every third party domain on your website, the browser would need to make a DNS request, do the SSL handshake, set up the TCP connection and so on. With each third party tool you use, these connection setup times add up.

How does Proxy Mode work?

The first time Dexecure receives a request like ,

we extract the target URL , fetch the resource and optimize it using the same optimization techniques we use to optimize the assets coming from your own domain. Once it is optimized, we cache the resource on a CDN. The next time when someone makes a request to the URL, they directly download the optimized resource from the CDN.

Advantages of using our Proxy Mode
Fewer Round Trips
This completely eliminates the need for additional DNS requests, TCP and SSL setup time, etc. because we are re-use the same connection that the browser already has to your Dexecure domain.
Faster Downloads
By using an already warm connection to download third party assets as well, we circumvent the problem of TCP slow start, leading to faster downloads.
Third Party Asset Optimisation
Better HTTP/2 Prioritisation
With HTTP/2, the fewer connections the better. With multiple connections, the congestion control happens independently and each connection is not aware of what's happening in the other connection. With fewer connections, there would be better congestion control and hopefully better usage of the available bandwidth.
Automatic Optimisation
You no longer need to worry if the third party libraries you are using are properly being optimized. After we fetch the third party resource, we run it through the same optimization pipeline we use to optimize the resources on your own domain.
Use the best CDN for your use case
When using Dexecure, you also get to choose the best CDN for your traffic profile. We integrate with different CDNs like CloudFlare, CloudFront, Fastly, CDNetworks, or even your own internal Varnish cluster! You aren't tied to what CDN the third party provider is using.

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