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Dexecure accelerates e-commerce website Bobobobo By 18%
Bobobobo is Indonesia’s luxury e-commerce website. Indonesia’s internet penetration rate has exploded from 18% in 2011 to 58% in 2018 according to APJII (Association for Internet Service Provider in Indonesia). started experiencing slow website loading times. Additionally, the growth of the overseas market has also created a challenge for Bobobobo to effectively serve the new markets and delivers a satisfactory performance for them.
Bobobobo chose Dexecure because of its expertise in seamlessly speeding up websites automatically.
Allows for their developers to focus on building their website with features rather than having to focus on website performance.
Furthermore, Bobobobo replaced there existing image optimization & resizing tool to Dexecure to manage their assets.
Dexecure decided to work with our partner CD Networks to achieve the optimal performance for Bobobobo in Indonesia.
15.13% increase in conversion rate
8% increase monthly revenue in 2019
Reduced bandwidth consumption (8.6 TB) for end users
Up to 18.46% faster load time of web-pages
Better user experience for end users
CEO Office at Bobobobo
We decided to optimize all of our assets using Dexecure. Our developers found the technology very useful and easy to implement. Dexecure has saved us incredible amount of time and resources that we would have needed to optimize our website internally.