Faster website will drive conversions & SEO

1 sec
delay in load time results in
loss in conversions
Better SEO
Positive User Experience
Increased Traffic To Your Website
Longer User Session Time

More traffic + Higher conversion rate =
Increased Revenue

We Optimize

Pages are automatically optimized for different devices, browsers and networks to deliver the fastest user experience.

Any Content

For Any Device

On Any Network

For Any Browser

Why Choose Dexecure?


Easy To Install

Dexecure has developed plugins for Wordpress, Shopify and Magento. Simply install the plugin on your platform

Multi CDN Provider

We have partnerships with all major Content Delivery Network suppliers ensuring users get our optimized content via servers located closest to them and providing advanced security protection.

Upgrades Continuously

Our constantly evolving algorithms means that your website will get faster without any developer effort at your end

They Worked With Us

  • "Easy and seamless"
    Ashwin Singh, Co-founder, Teamie
    Dexecure has helped us greatly improve the performance of our website. The solution fits nicely into our architecture and optimising new web pages is very easy and seamless. Not just the solution is great, but also the support from its team is fantastic.
  • "Worked like Magic"
    Kaiwalya Kher, CTO, WithJoy
    Dexecure worked like magic for us - we ended up with a 2.5x improvement in load time just from better image compression. Unless you want to optimize your images yourself for all browsers and on all platforms this is the way to go.
  • "Effortless and Blazing Fast Website"
    Nur Iman Izam Othman, CTO, MarkedShot
    Dexecure has made optimising our image heavy website effortless and blazingly fast which is vital to our business.

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