Speed up your website for everyone, everywhere

Dexecure automatically optimizes website performance and serves via a dense content delivery network.

Is your website fast enough for all your users?


Web performance is now more important than ever

More than 50% of the internet users are on mobile. Slower websites are stressful and users leave in matter of seconds. Better performance improves user experience and boosts the brand value of a business.

A faster website is better for everyone.


Acquire more visitors

Faster webpages rank better in search engines, social feeds and outbid slower webpages in advertisement campaigns.


Engage your customers

Generate better user engagement and more immersive experience with faster webpages.


Grow your revenue

Slow website hurts your bottom line. Every 100ms improvement for Walmart resulted in up to 1% increase in revenue.


World's first CDN that brings progressive enhancement to front-end optimization

We contextually optimize images, JS, CSS and fonts automatically and serve via a fast HTTP/2 connection.

We obsess over serving the perfectly optimized content from the closest location from your users.

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Supports browser-specific web technologies

Browser specific image formats are automatically served. Brotli, service workers and other modern technologies are supported out-of-the-box.


Optimizes for all devices and screen sizes

Before delivery, images are automatically resized depending on the viewport width of the device requesting the image.


Stands on a battle-proven CDN

We provide a multicloud service that stands on top of the best CDNs in the market. You can seamlessly integrate our service to your existing CDN as well.

Set up with a single line of Javascript. Yes, it's that easy.

No messy URLs. No complicated bucket setup. Out-of-the-box performance optimization for all your static assets.

We provide an easy setup method with embedded javascript (using service workers) and comprehensive APIs. After the simple one-time integration, we do all the heavy lifting for you, forever!

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What people say about Dexecure

Trusted by companies of all sizes

From e-commerce marketplaces, learning platforms to educational institutions - we have happy clients everywhere.

Dexecure has helped us greatly improve the performance of our website. The solution fits nicely into our architecture and optimising new web pages is very easy and seamless. Not just the solution is great, but also the support from its team is fantastic. Ashwin Singh, Co-founder, Teamie
Dexecure worked like magic for us - we ended up with a 2.5x improvement in load time just from better image compression. Unless you want to optimize your images yourself for all browsers and on all platforms this is the way to go. Kaiwalya Kher, CTO, WithJoy
Dexecure has made optimising our image heavy website effortless and blazingly fast which is vital to our business. Nur Iman Izam Othman, CTO, MarkedShot