Intelligent Network Optimizer

Enhance the performance and resiliency of your website by delivering from multiple CDNs and multiple DNS providers at the same time.


Better Performance

The fastest CDN is automatically chosen based on real time data received from your users.

Increased Resiliency

Traffic is automatically routed between healthy CDNs. Even CDNs can go down. Ensure that your users have a fast experience even if a CDN is unreachable.

Simpler CDN Management

Manage all CDNs from our dashboard. Actions like clearing the cache, changing the origin, etc. can be done via our dashboard, without worrying about the underlying CDNs. They are seamlessly updated under the hood. We manage multiple CDNs vendors for you and you can bring your own CDN as well.

Our Supported CDNs

Contact us for supporting more CDNs or bring your own CDN.

The Dexecure Platform
Web Asset Optimizer
We optimize content (HTML, images, CSS, JS, fonts) of the website based on the Device, Browser and Location.
Third Party Optimizer
We elegantly optimize third party assets with our advanced optimization techniques.
Intelligent Network Optimizer
Enhance the resiliency of your website not only with multiple CDNs but manage them to combine their strengths for the best results
Easy Integration With Your Website
It's as easy as a URL change or a DNS record change! But we also offer the following integration options
Dexecure has developed plugins for WordPress, Shopify and Magento. Simply install the plugin on your platform.
JavaScript code
If you maintain your own server and website, we offer a single line of JavaScript code to integrate into your website.
Tailor made solutions
At Dexecure, we understand the complexity of multilevel, multilanguage and multiproduct websites. We provide tailormade solutions that integrate into our clients' systems.