Dexecure accelerates e-Commerce
website Bobobobo by 18%


Company Website Headquarters Industry Dexecure services
Bobobobo Indonesia Fashion & Apparel Website Acceleration
Company Bobobobo Website Headquarters Indonesia Industry Fashion & Apparel Dexecure services Website Acceleration


CEO Offce at Bobobobo

E-commerce landscape is growing exponentially in Indonesia. We have to ensure that we provide our end users with the best user experience in order to remain competitive.

Key Results

15.13% increase in conversion rate
8% increase monthly revenue in 2019
Reduced bandwidth consumption (8.6 TB) for end users
Up to 18.46% faster load time of webpages
Better user experience for end users
Bobobobo is Indonesia’s luxury e-commerce website, selling various designer women’s and men’s fashion brands. Bobobo enables its visitors to have unlimited choices of fashion items that caters to everyone’s taste, making shopping fun and enjoyable for everyone. Ever since the website’s inception in 2013 by founder Jimmy Akili, the digital landscape in Indonesia has seen massive changes and e-commerce in the country has taken off. Targeting the growing middle and upper-class Indonesia market, Bobobobo helps to connect brands, retailers and people who are interested in provoking new standards of fashion and lifestyle.
The Challenge
Indonesia’s internet penetration rate exploded from 18% in 2011 to 58% in 2018. This rapid growth, along with high annual growth of e-commerce industry in Indonesia, were the main drivers that explain Bobobobo‘s exponential growth in website traffic. But it was not long that started experiencing slow website loading times. Additionally, the growth of the overseas market has also created a challenge for Bobobobo to effectively serve the new markets and deliver a satisfactory performance for them.
Dexecure’s Solution
Bobobobo chose Dexecure because of its expertise in seamlessly speeding up websites automatically. This allows for their developers to focus on building their website with features rather than having to focus on website performance. Furthermore, Bobobobo replaced their existing image optimisation and resizing tool to Dexecure to manage their assets.

Dexecure decided to work with our partner CDNetworks to achieve the optimal performance for Bobobobo in Indonesia.
"We decided to optimize all of our assets using Dexecure. Our developers found the technology very useful and easy to implement. Dexecure has saved us incredible amount of time and resources that we would have needed to optimise our website internally."
Merdyanto, CEO Office at Bobobobo
Dexecure’s Web Acceleration solution was able to address Bobobobo’s issues and the results speak for themselves: Just a few weeks after the integrating Dexecure, the website loading time became faster by up to 18% on some webpages. Dexecure was able to save 8.6 TB of bandwidth each month. This is significant savings in terms of cost and allows for less data to be downloaded by their end users. Dexecure helped Bobobobo to solve the website speed issue, bandwidth savings, better user experience and better manage their web assets which has been bothering them for quite some time. Our collaboration has helped Bobobobo to be one step closer in achieving their goal to go mainstream and further grow their customer base.