Dexecure improves website
performance by 35% for theAsianparent


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theAsianparent Singapore Media Website Asset Optimizer
Company theAsianparent Website Headquarters Singapore Industry Media Dexecure services Website Asset Optimizer

Alvin De Cruz

Head of Engineering at theAsianparent

We wanted to speed up site loading times and provide a good experience for visitors to the site

Key Results

22.9% increase in page views
8% increase monthly revenue in 2019
Reduced bandwidth consumption (8.6 TB) for end users
35% faster website through optimization techniques using latest web technologies
Better user experience for end users
The Tickled Media creates content for parents across websites, apps and social media platforms. They have a global team of nearly 200 Ticklers, spread across 12 countries: Singapore (HQ), Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, India, Taiwan, Japan and Nigeria. Their flagship brand, theAsianParent, reaches over 12 million monthly users in 11 languages. Other fast growing brands in their portfolio include Asian Money Guide, HerStyleAsia,and Nonilo.
The Challenge
theAsianparent experienced incredible growth over the last few years. Their websites would need to run at lighting fast speed to meet the high expectations of the theAsianparent's users. However, by the middle of 2018 users were experiencing a load time of 20 seconds, 35% slower than the average website load time.

"Visitors from places with slower internet speeds were having issues with loading our image-intensive articles. If the pages took too long to load, it would drive them to other sites to consume the content they wanted," said Alvin De Cruz, theAsianparent's Head of Engineering. "This would cause us to lose visitors in Indonesia, India and Philippines where internet connection speeds vary greatly."
Dexecure's Solution
Tickled Media chose Dexecure because of its expertise in seamlessly speeding up websites, easily implementation and compatibility with any device or browser. Furthermore, theAsianparent’s developers could focus on building their website with features rather than having to focus on website performance. Dexecure’s solution automatically optimised images, fonts, CSS, JavaScript and third party assets for all of theAsianparent (and indeed, all of Tickled Media’s websites like Asian Money Guide, HerStyle Asia and Nonilo)..

“All our assets like images, JavaScript and fonts were properly optimised for different users. This resulted in faster loading times for our sites," remarked De Cruz. "Even some of our third party scripts are being optimised by Dexecure.
"Visitors can now load a page quickly and navigate to other pages within our sites without the previous lag due to large images being downloaded.”
Alvin De Cruz, Head of Engineering at theAsianparent
Dexecure was also able to offload 8.8 TB of the bandwidth, thereby significantly easing the load for their end users. Dexecure has also increased the number of page views by 22.9% after integration. This has led to an increase in ad revenue by 8% in 2019 compared to 2018.

Collaborating with Dexecure has helped theAsianparent to be one step closer in achieving their goal to go mainstream and further grow their user base.
Working with AWS
Dexecure's platform is completely built on AWS and they are a Select Tier technology partner with AWS. AWS solutions engineers reviewed and recommended best practices to the technical architecture of Dexecure’s system. The managed services of AWS allowed Dexecure’s developers to focus on providing valuable features and products to their clients instead of managing low-level infrastructure. Working together with AWS has allowed Dexecure to build advanced optimization for Tickled Media.