Video Optimizer

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Automatically Convert to Different Resolutions and Dimensions
Videos are encoded in different resolutions and dimensions depending on the resolution of the device requesting the video
Automatically Convert to Different Formats
Videos are automatically encoded in different formats depending on the capabilities of the browser requesting the video. Supported formats include H264, H265, VP9 and AV1.
Support Adaptive Streaming Easily
Easily support adaptive streaming via HLS and MPEG-DASH for longer videos. Video segments and manifests are automatically generated and stored on the CDN.
Integrate with your existing CDN
Dexecure can integrate with your existing CDNs like Cloudflare, CloudFront and Akamai. Dexecure will automatically generate the necessary variations of the video required and use your CDN to deliver them.
Support Multiple CDNs based on Latency on Client
Apart from working with your own CDN, using our Multi-CDN, the fastest CDN is automatically chosen to deliver video by analysing the real-time latency information from users across the world.
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Simplify Your Video Workflow

Dexecure takes over your video transcoding workflow and keeps it up to date with the newest codecs automatically without any extra effort from your side.

Reduce CDN Costs

Our optimization algorithms helps you cut down your CDN bandwidth without compromising on video quality.

Easy Integration

Our video optimization service is built in a way which is easy to integrate. We plug into various sources, CDNs and other partners in the video ecosystem to make our solution simple to integrate.

Offload Compute

Video Optimization is compute expensive. With Dexecure's Video Optimizer we have fine-tuned our algorithms and servers to be extremely efficient. Our servers are able to scale up effectively based on demand and all of this is infrastructure is managed for you.

Our Supported CDNs

It's as easy as a URL change or a DNS record change! But we also offer the following integration options.

Easy Integration With Your Website

It's as easy as a URL change or a DNS record change! But we also offer the following integration options
DNS Change
You can start using Dexecure by simply changing your DNS to point to our severs.
JavaScript code
JavaScript code
If you maintain your own server and website, we offer a single line of JavaScript code to integrate into your website.
Dexecure has developed plugins for WordPress, Shopify and Magento. Simply install the plugin on your platform.
Tailor made solutions
Native SDKs
We also have SDKs for iOS and Android to get you started with your native apps