Setting up Dexecure is easy and an one-time affair.

You can either embed a tiny JS script (that uses service workers) or point your website assets to our domain. Or, you can do both.

Step 0
Sign up for free.

- Once you sign up, we will give you the Dexecure bundle.

- The bundle consists of a tiny javascript file (~1.1 KB gzipped) and an optimizing snippet.

- For each domain you wish to optimize, we provide a dedicated Dexecure space.

- We will walk you through the process and also email you the details for reference.

Step 1
Add the javascript

- Ensure that your website is over HTTPS. If not, skip to Step 2.

- Put the javascript file called dexecure-xxx.js into the root folder of your website without changing the filename.

- Check that it is accessible from

- Put the optimizing code snippet before the closing </head> of the HTML file.

Step 2
Point your website assets.

- For each domain you wish to optimize, point the domain of your assets at the corresponding Dexecure space such as

- For example, change to You do not have to change the filenames or file structure of your assets (that's the Dexecure magic!).

- If you use a content management system such as WordPress, Shopify or Magento, feel free to contact us and we will guide you through the process.

That's all folks!

Our service will start within 30 minutes of complete installation.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected].