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Optimize Images
Optimize CSS, JS and fonts
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Increase customer engagement with beautiful digital experiences by adding a single line of Javascript to your web page. All these front-end optimization techniques are enabled automatically!

In the last 4 months
6.8TB saved
25.3TB data served
568mil requests served
Optimize Images
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Automatic Format Detection
Automatically convert images to different formats like webp for Chrome and opera, JPEG XR for IE 11 and Microsoft Edge. Up to 34% smaller than standard JPEGs, PNGs and GIFs.
Automatic Quality Detection
Images converted to different quality levels depending on structural similarity metrics with DSSIM and Butteraugli (Never waste time finding the perfect quality for your images ever again!)
Pixel Perfect Images for Different Devices and Network
Images optimized and resized based on device size, screen resolution and the network using Client Hints.
Progressive Image Encoding
Progressive JPEGs are used to provide a better user experience under low bandwidth conditions.
Proper Metadata Management
Image metadata is properly managed without affecting colour profiles (16% of the image size contains unnecessary information that can be safely removed)
Other Advanced Compression Techniques
Near lossless compression for PNG and JPEG via ZopfliPNG and Guetzli.
Faster Time To Market
Eliminate the manual effort to create multiple image assets across desktop and mobile sites and apps.
Fast loading Web Pages
Reduce image size for across desktop,mobile sites and apps, driving better web performance and consumer engagement that improves business results.
Reduce Storage Cost
Dynamically create and cache derivative images on the fly, and improve offload.
Quality Without Compromise
Quality images at the smallest number of bytes, now your visitors can browse on their devices a digital experience that is both fast and beautiful.
Optimize CSS, JS and Fonts
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Brotli Compression
For modern evergreen browsers Brotli compression leads to 39% smaller HTML files, 26% smaller JS files, 27% smaller CSS files.
Zopfli Compression
For older browsers which don't support Brotli, assets are encoded with Zopfli encoding which leads to better compression than GZIP.
Font Optimization
Fonts are converted to much more modern formats like WOFF2 (when supported)
Automatic Transpilation
ES6+ code is automatically transpiled for older browser ensuring maximum compatibility and directly delivered to modern browsers leading to smaller code sizes and faster parse times.
Optimising JavaScript Bundles
Ship lesser bytes down the wire by using advanced minification and dead code removal techniques.
Better Digital Experience with Smaller Web Assets
39% smaller HTML files, 26% smaller JS files and 27% smaller CSS files. You can create an immersive web experience without worrying about loading time.
Improve Indexation, Traffic and Ranking
Fast loading pages can improve indexation as Googlebot spends its time more efficiently when crawling a fast-loading site.
Helps prioritize content above the fold (top portion of the page)
Load all JavaScript in a page asynchronously. Detect and insert the CSS required to render the top of the page automatically.
Faster parse and execution time
JS files are optimized for every browser engine heuristics, even older browser versions.
Accelerated Delivery
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Massive Network
Integrates with multiple enterprise-grade CDNs like CloudFront, CloudFlare and Fastly.
DOS and WAF protection
Dexecure protects websites from DDOS attacks to ensure availability and continued performance of your website. Our custom WAF rulesets protect applications from the OWASP Top 10 and other common security vulnerabilities.
Latest Transport Protocols
All assets served via a fast HTTP/2 connection and TLS 1.3 when possible. HTTP/2 increases performance by stream multiplexing, header compression, stream prioritisation and server PUSH.
China Endpoints
Our CDN partners in China ensure low latency for your users by serving content directly from servers inside China.
Lower Network Latency and Lower Packet Loss
Our out of the box enterprise-grade CDN and features offer high availability.
Boost Preformance and Save Cost
It can distribute the load, save bandwidth, boost performance and reduce your existing hosting cost, Once the assets are optimized for a particular device and browser, they are cached on CDN and served directly from there for future requests.
Failover Mode
Dexecure script automatically makes requests to the original server in case our servers goes down.
Easy integration with your website
You can choose among a simple plugin, a single line of Javascript code or in case of a larger and complex website a custom-made solution.
Dexecure has developed plugins for WordPress, Shopify and Magento. Simply install the plugin on your platform.
Javascript code
If you maintain your own server and website, we offer a single line of Javascript code to integrate into your website.
Tailor made solutions
At Dexecure, we understand the complexity of multilevel, multilanguage and multiproduct websites. We provide tailormade solutions that integrate into our clients' systems.