We do not compromise on performance, and neither should you.

We keep adding the best optimization techniques in the backend to make your website even faster.

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Always a step closer to the user.

We provide a multicloud service that stands on top of CloudFlare® and Amazon CloudFront®, the best CDNs in the market. We choose the appropriate backend based on your requirements. You can seamlessly integrate our service to your existing CDN as well.

In the age of so many devices and web technologies, being closer to your users is not enough now, is it?

Brotli compression

The successor to age-old gzip algorithm, offers 10-20% better compression. Comfortably backed into our service for supported browsers.

HTTP/2 connection

Serving all your assets via a single HTTP/2 connection is recommended to get the most out of your user's bandwidth. It achieves this via request and response multiplexing with header compression.

Best format selection

Formats are smartly selected based on the type of image. For example, JPEGs are better for photographic images, PNGs for images with sharp text etc.

Minify text assets

Javascript and CSS files are automatically minified to minimize the bytes sent down the wire.

Screen size specific optimization

Before delivery, images are automatically resized depending on the viewport width of the device requesting the image. We use Client Hints to detect the device viewport.

Browser specific image formats

Various specialized formats such as WebP, JPEG XR are supported out-of-the-box. Based on the browser and device, we deliver the most optimized content.

Progressive images

Images are encoded progressively when possible, enhancing the user experience and reducing the size of images at the same time. This is especially a killer combination when delivered via a HTTP/2 connection.

And everything the future holds

We guarantee to keep improving and add new optimization techniques without any disruption to front-end.

On the fence? See the improvement for yourself.

Check how much we can speed up your website.